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Comedy! Romance! A fast-paced day. All served up in a crazy little café!


Linda has a blind date, Bob is casting a movie, the Waitress likes the Monk,
old Mr. Philips wants a séance and the Bride's Dad is livid. Throw in a frantic
Bride, her theatrical Mother, a dancing Nun, an apologetic Groom, and you
have a comic hit!

And all happening one crazy day in the Love Café.


Flexible casting and a single set makes this five-love-story romantic comedy perfect
for all theatres, schools, and organizations.

"Needless to say, it makes for a great stew of humor and fun! And
the characters – What an eclectic mix! A captivating evening where
eavesdropping is permitted, and laughter is demanded!" – Elizabeth Vega,
LEO Magazine (Louisville, KY)


"A smorgasbord of Zany people!" – George R Hubbard, Louisville Courier


"A rollercoaster ride of plot, character & comedy!

Cafe'Love is for everyone who has ever dated, married or been in love!

It is also highly producible"

- Janice L. Goldberg, Producing Artistic Director, ANDTheatre Company (NYC)


(from the publication)

Welcome to A CRAZY LITTLE CAFÉ CALLED LOVE! and the sixteen
people inside looking for love. Some find it. Some find themselves. You
may find someone, too. Come on in.

CASTING is extremely flexible. And there are many ways this play
may be presented. It can be performed with as few as six or as many as
sixteen actors.

A SINGLE SET of a café is all that is needed. In fact, you could present this
play with one table, two chairs in the round. Wouldn't that be exciting?
DIRECTING this play, you will find that since this is divided into
separate scenes, the entire cast doesn't have to be there all the time,
which is easier on the cast and you.

THE TONE of this play is warm, lively, fun, and fast. Please stay away
from anger. There is none of that emotion written in this play. Anger is
just not funny. Frustration is, but not anger. Yet amateur actors always
go right for anger, which is the easiest emotion to act, and it ruins
comedies all the time. Please show this paragraph to any who try. After
playing anger, amateurs love to add curse words. Please do not allow
that either. There are none in this play for a reason. It doesn't need any.
It's a comedy.

PROJECTIONS & TRANSITIONS between scenes can be used if
you have the technology. Or use multiple screens. Or music. Antonio
Vivaldi's lively music from The Four Seasons plays very well with this
comedy.* Be creative!

IF THE LANGUAGE in the play is too much for your venue, tone it
down. Example: In MR. PHILIPS & THE TIRAMISU change EVELINE's
line to "jerk."

A Waitress in Duval's Restaurant by Renoir is a painting that would be a
wonderful touch, hanging on the wall, since it is mentioned in the play. *
CONTACT ME at my website www.LuigiJannuzzi.com and email any
comments, questions, or pictures. I'd love to post them on my site to
brag about your production and creativity. So, if you are using a scene for
forensics, a one-act competition or in a collection of one acts, I'd love to
hear how it went.

HAVE FUN! It was sure fun creating these plays. Audiences love them
and applaud often. And thank you for loving theatre!

Published by Concord Theatricals/Samuel French

3 Women, 3 Men or more!  (flexible casting)

Comedy!  Romance!  A Fast-paced day!

All served up in a crazy little cafe'!