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"The Orange Pekoe or the Green Pimento?"

Winner of the Goshen Peace Prize!
Acclaimed from New York to Hollywood!
An Excellent tournament play!
Cast: 3 Male or Female
Set: Bare stage (simple set)

Seattle Pacific University Theatre 

Two medieval Lords trying to decide what type of tea to drink are interrupted by a serf who is hysterical about barbarians laying siege to the castle.
As the Barbarians draw nearer, the serf grows more frenzied while the Lords converse on women and boulder heavers.
When the Barbarians arrive, will raw muscle rule over culture and etiquette?
Hysterical moments and hilarious revelations climax in a powerful statement on who the Barbarians are among us.

"Communication skills are a must for Medieval Lords"
"Happy serfs = Happy Kingdom"
"Go out and Knock!"
"To what really matters!"
    Yes! Females can be Medieval Lords too! (Missy Lanza & Erin Butler)

Immaculata H.S. Somerville, NJ production