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Central Michigan University Summer Theatre.  Cast: Hayley Jones, Jack Valutis, Ginny Wilkin, Cameron Schott.  Director Elaine DiFalco Daugherty

Poster from Wichita Community Theatre.  

FOR THE LOVE OF JULIET! was a finalist in the National Theatre Conference at the

Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center in Waterford, Conn and at

Florida's Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival.

Central Michigan Performing Arts

Full Length, Comedy

2 M, 2 F
Set: Living Room.

Here is a truly loveable romantic comedy! Julie has dedicated herself to a muse named Romeo who is grooming Julie for a Broadway debut. Alex, the irresponsible love of Julie's life returns from a five year voyage to find himself and now he wants to recapture Julie's heart. Will Julie choose the imaginary man or the real man? And are imaginary men more helpful and fun?
"Beautiful. A 90 minute trip down a fantasy stream, filled with gentle eddys." The Princeton Packet
"Excellent insight into the human heart." myCentralJersey.com
A finalist at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center & at Florida's Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival

The Audition


JULIE 22-28 The Ingenue, quick-witted, sharp keen sense of humor.


ROMEO 22-28 The Muse, quick-witted, sharp keen sense of humor.


ALEX 22-28 The bad boy irresponsible actor. Wide-eyed and always smiling.


GINGER 22-28 Alex's muse who is in training. She doesn't have a clue but she is so

friendly and wonderfully delightful everyone loves her.

CAST: FOR THE LOVE OF JULIET (Plus Director and Playwright
Restaurant Scene
GINGER the new Muse in training appears.

Change of Heart. (Review of Night of the Foolish Moon
Jul 2004, Stage Directions Magazine,
By Peithman, Stephen

The complicated dynamics of relationship are the driving force this month. Love, or what sometimes passes for love, is the focus of this month's recently released plays.

The title character of Luigi Jannuzzi's comedy For the Love of Juliet! is an actress who hopes to snag the lead in a new Broadway production of Romeo and Juliet. Serious about her profession, she finds herself having to choose between her muse and a rekindled relationship with her exboyfriend (and fellow actor), Alex. What makes Jannuzzi's comedy so engaging is that Joliet's muse, aptly named Romeo, is played as a character only she can see or hear. As it turns out, Alex also has a muse-in-training named Ginger, who takes a shine to Romeo. Alex can't see Ginger or Romeo. Juliet can see everyone. She soon sees through Alex's failings as well, and sends him packing by the end of the play. Jannuzzi's point is not that an acting career and a rewarding love life are mutually exclusive, but that honesty of purpose is essential for success in either. Two males, two females. [Samuel French; 212-206-8990]

Source: Stage Directions, Jul2004, Vol. 17 Issue 7, p69, 2p



What a wonderful production!