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A Perfect 2 Character

Tournament Play

Somerset Community College, Kentucky, with: John Alexander & Ashley-Rose Withers


1 m, 1 f.

Simple set.


It's about love!


Sweet adorable George loves Mary.

Mary doesn't love George.

George alphabetizes Mary's mail, rotates her tires, follows her new dates till he can prove their unfaithfulness.


Then he calls Mary and says, "I have pictures.

"Mary wants to know, but should she spur George onward?

The play begins in a restaurant with George waiting for Mary. Mary enters wanting and not wanting to be there.*It's an hilarious comic roller coaster of twists and turns.


Louisville Courier Journal: "One really wanted to know what happens next."


Louisville Leo Magazine: "The dialogue was funny." A perfect tournament play to showcase two character parts and comic timing!



"George loves Mary. Mary despises George. George has pictures of what?

See how funny stalking can be in Luigi Jannuzzi's With or Without You."

Review from: The Whitefire Theatre
13500 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA

Tuesdays With Moxie: Vol. 2, Comedy a la carteQ: Where can you find a narcoleptic fiancé, a wannabe lesbian, a waitress from hell, and a stalker with a heart of gold... all in the same café? A: Tuesdays With Moxie: Vol. 2, Comedy a la carte! Directed by Ashley Ertel and Stephen Taylor, these five new shows revolve around a quirky neighborhood cafe with a host of interesting patrons! Reservations for Two by Lori Goodman explores the inner fears of a lonely woman that have been bottled up for way, WAY too long. George loves Mary. Mary despises George. George has pictures of what? See how funny stalking can be in Luigi Jannuzzi's With or Without You. What do women want? According to Cathy Celesia's Anything for You, their best girlfriend! It's a show about a guy who... The show is kinda like those people... What I mean is...Uh, wait. Ding! David Ives explains it all in Sure Thing. All I can say is this: a narcoleptic fiancé with an electrode sticking out of his head in an opera themed restaurant. Michael Bigelow Dixon and Valerie Smith explain the rest in Après Opera.

Tuesdays With Moxie: Vol. 2, Comedy a la carte Whitefire Theatre
13500 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Tickets: 818-766-2423
Tuesdays With Moxie: Vol. 2, Comedy a la carte Ticket Prices

Tuesday 8:00pm Opening Date: November 8, 2005
Closing Date: November 15, 2005

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