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Lacy Green Productions,
Lacy Green, United Kingdom
THE APPOINTMENT was a winner of the SAMUEL FRENCH ONE ACT PLAY CONTEST (5 others in book).

Comedy / Bare Stage / 2 M - 2 F

(Has been done all female,
and all male.)


This is a very popular comedy about Mr. Toemeali who has a 3 o'clock appointment with God.


In the waiting room he becomes upset when he meets two women who also have three o'clock appointments.


Tomeali, a hot-head, begins trying to manipulate God's receptionist but only manages to miss God who is one of the women.

He is left to deal with himself in the waiting room. This is a funny & insightful play successful from classroom to church group.


AN EXCELLENT TOURNAMENT PLAY! A winner of the annual Samuel French Short Play Festival. In Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival Plays, 20th series.

Production: The Westminster School, Simsbury, Connecticut
Production: Dinner Theatre at Agape Cafe, Richmond, Virginia. Larry.... Bill Ellis, Toemeali... Ken Moretti.
Linfield College Poster for THE APPOINTMENT